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Cily Man – a young goat Wether – an effective castrated male goat Doe – (aka

Cily Man – a young goat Wether – an effective castrated male goat Doe – (aka

Reproduce – an inventory out-of pet contained in this a varieties with a unique physical appearance and you will generally speaking being created by deliberate selection Reproduction creature– an animal caused which will make young ones generally speaking into the a controlled and planned method Dam – a lady mother or father Head – a collection off a types of livestock (sheep, poultry) Herd – a small grouping of one types of animal (cows, ponies, swine, goats) Livestock – home-based ranch animals remaining to have active purposes (meats, whole milk, really works, wool) Field creature – animals bred and you may increased having restaurants practices Polled – a naturally hornless creature Sire – a male mother Litter – numerous young ones introduced in the one delivery by a multi-parous mammal. Also called brood

Hottie – a recently hatched or a very more youthful chicken Broilers – a poultry which is half dozen so you can 13 days old used to possess animal meat development Pullet – Female bird below one year old Hen – Females bird more than 12 months old Cockerel – Male bird around 12 months old Rooster – Male bird more one year of age Well-known Items – egg and you may chicken

Bovine – the new scientific label to have cows Calf – a sexually kids more youthful bovine Heifer – an earlier lady bovine which includes not even got a great calf Cow – an older girls bovine Steer – a beneficial castrated men bovine Bull – an intimately adult men bovine Well-known Activities – milk products, meats and you can leather

nanny) a female goat Dollar – (aka. billy) an intimately mature male goat Common Affairs – milk,* cabrito,** mohair and you can cashmere. *Goats certainly are the first manufacturer of milk products around the globe. ** Goat meat has many additional brands one depend on the goat’s geographical place and you can period of animal. Continue Reading

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