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Business Objective

To carry on the business of content creation, developing, promoting, marketing, organizing, radio programs, radio events, television programs, audio & video programs, computer generated data signal broadcasting, computer programs or software for Knowledge & entertainment, to impart training, education in all disciplines, correspondence courses, coaching classes for any stream, any level, and managing the broadcasting, telecasting, relaying, transmitting, distributing, running, through the satellite television channels, radio channels, entertainment channels in all languages, informative channels, educative channels, through the Company’s own or hired channels, through internet, telecom or by satellite link up and terrestrial networks and by any other means of broadcasting subject to the rules and regulations prescribed by the government.

Since 2017

Acme Marketing was founded by Leah Robinson in New York City.

14 Experts

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team.

3 Countries

We work with hundreds of businesses just like yours.

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